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Giant Butterflies?

A variety of props.......
Gossamer wings, fuzzy body, all just like the real thing, except much larger.  Good thing butterflies aren't carnivores!  This beauty was created for a Pegasus Parade Derby float that celebrated the new gorilla exhibit at the zoo.
(Below) A look at our butterfly in it's natural habitat!

Faux Vanuatan Slit Drums
(On the Left and Below)  No, not the real thing, though some people asked if they were, but lovely for display.  These were created for a national convention.  Light weight, durable, hand-crafted by us in the studio. 



(On the Left)  In Haiti they do all kinds of things with old tires, including making them into planters.  Everything you see here is faux except for the tires.  We took lovely silk veggies, made some dirt, turned the tires inside out (there's a chore, thanks Christi , for that among many other things) and voila, veggie planters.  These were made for the same exhibit as the slit drums.


(On the Right)  We know you noticed that empty tire in the other photo.  Here's what was later 'growing' there: a replica of an amaranth plant.  We couldn't find one in existence so, down to cutting and coloring the leaves, Cathy put this together.  Wow!

(On the Left)  Same project.  Faux rubble to represent part of the devastation caused by
the earthquake in Haiti. 
Looks heavy but you can tote it around with one hand.
(Below) Last, but not least, foam planters painted to look metallic.  For outside use.
And a sisal rug painted for the information area at a convention.